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The Coway BA07 Bidet toilet seat features the latest wide spray technology, allowing you to change the water stream to 3 different widths for thorough cleaning. The BA07 Bidet installs in just minutes replacing your existing toilet seat; all parts are supplied. The heated seat has 3 temperature settings which is great for cold mornings while the instant warm water cleanses with an adjustable stream of warm water at the temperature you prefer and for as long as you like. The air dryer then blows warm air set at the temperature you desire to gently dry you.The wide wash stream water spray can be adjusted to very wide for your comfort on the bottom wash, while the twin nozzle system has both rear cleansing and ladies wash facilities for enhanced hygiene. Nano silver ceramic filters use the latest technology ensuring the water you wash with is even cleaner than the water you drink.   Product Brochure Download the BA-07 Brochure Please note: The remote control is not removable and BA07-R is only available. 3 Different Water Stream Widths There are 3 levels available for water spray Mode ranging from direct spray to a more diffused spray. The intensive cleansing of a focused area or soft cleansing of a broader area is possible by selecting a water stream width.   Auto Power Saving Mode The unit goes to power saving mode automatically when it is not in use for 30 min.   Nozzle Position Adjustment The nozzle position moves back and forth to find exact location to cleanse.   Ergonomic Seat Seat comfort is optimized with Ergonomic designed seat.   Twin Nozzle The posterior & feminine wash nozzles are separated to enhance hygiene.   Nano Sliver Ceramic Filter For Water Filtration MF filter for the water filtration is adapted to prevent skin irritations.   Seat Locking Mode The rear cleansing/front cleansing/air dryer/auto cleansing function will not operate if the seat locking mode is on.   Nozzle Move The posterior or feminine wash nozzle automatically moves back and forth to clean broad area gently in Move mode.   Dry Control Temperature-adjustable dry air will guarantee clean and refreshing finish after cleaning.   Engineered for Your Safety The water proof designed unit and control panel prevents water damage to product.   Self-cleansing Nozzle The cleaning water will be automatically sprayed to nozzle for 5 seconds before and after using the posterior or feminine wash nozzle.   Heated Seat The warm seat improves seat comfort.   Twin nozzle(posterior & feminine wash)   Heated (Warm) Seat   Nano Sliver Ceramic Filter For Water Filtration   Warm air dryer   Multifunctional control panel   Easy replaceable nozzle tip   3 Levels of water width 


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